Caravan music Glossy Acoustic Guitar 40 inch

Original price was: Rs.30,000.00.Current price is: Rs.26,500.00.


Brand:                             CARAVAN MUSIC
Color:                               BLUE
Top material type:         Bass Wood
Back material type:       Wood
Neck material type:       Mahogany
String material type:     Steel


Free Accessories

Soft Parachute Bag
1 Guitar Strap
6 pcs Extra strings Pack
3 Pcs Picks
6 pcs Extra bridge pins
3 Pcs Extra tuning keys


Experience Musical Brilliance with the Caravan Music Glossy Acoustic Guitar 40-Inch

Indulge your passion for music with the Caravan Music Glossy Acoustic Guitar 40-Inch, a masterpiece designed to elevate your musical experience. Discover why this guitar is a must-have for every aspiring musician:

Stunning Glossy Finish for Visual Appeal

The Caravan Music Glossy Acoustic Guitar boasts a mesmerizing glossy finish that enhances its aesthetic appeal and reflects the commitment to quality craftsmanship. Whether you’re performing on stage or strumming in the comfort of your home, this guitar commands attention with its striking appearance, making you stand out as a true artist.

Crisp and Clear Acoustic Sound

Equipped with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the Caravan Music Glossy Acoustic Guitar delivers a crisp and clear acoustic sound that resonates with every chord you play. The 40-inch size perfectly balances warmth and projection, allowing you to express yourself with precision and clarity. From intimate solo performances to lively jam sessions, this guitar ensures that every note is heard with pristine clarity.

Enhanced Comfort and Playability

Designed for comfort and ease of play, the Caravan Music Glossy Acoustic Guitar features a sleek and ergonomic design that enhances your playing experience. The smooth fretboard and low action ensure effortless fretting, while the comfortable neck profile reduces fatigue during extended practice sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this guitar offers unmatched comfort and playability, allowing you to focus on your music without distractions.

Product Features:


  1. Enhanced Sound Quality: Enjoy rich, resonant tones with the Caravan Music Glossy Acoustic Guitar’s meticulously crafted design.
  2. Comfortable Playing Experience: Its sleek 40-inch body offers ergonomic handling, ensuring hours of effortless playing without fatigue.
  3. Stunning Aesthetics: With its glossy finish, this guitar exudes elegance, making it a stylish addition to any musician’s collection.
  4. Versatile Performance: Whether you’re strumming chords or fingerpicking melodies, this guitar delivers exceptional sound across various genres.
  5. Durable Construction: Built to last, this acoustic guitar is made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing reliability and longevity.

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