Tayste LS62-N Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar

Original price was: Rs.45,000.00.Current price is: Rs.36,500.00.

Stringed instrument:  Acoustic guitar
State:                         New
Number of frets:  20
Top deck:                Spruce
Fretboard:             Rosewood
guitar body:           Mahogany
Strings:                    metal
Bridge:                     Fixed
Shell:                        Mahogany
Neck:                        material Mahogany
Pegs:                         mechanism  Chrome casting
Brand:                     Tayste  Coating
Matt lacquer:       User characteristics
Color:                      Natural


Free Accessories

Soft Parachute Bag
1 Guitar Strap
6 pcs Extra strings Pack
3 Pcs Picks
6 pcs Extra bridge pins
3 Pcs Extra tuning keys


Elevate Your Musical Journey with the Tayste LS62-N Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar:


Guitar Wood Brand  present you the Tayste LS62-N Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar .Experience the epitome of musical excellence with the Tayste LS62-N Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar. Handcrafted to perfection, this instrument embodies the perfect harmony of craftsmanship, tone, and playability. Discover why the Tayste LS62-N is the ultimate choice for discerning musicians:

Exquisite Solid Wood Construction for Superior Tone


Crafted from carefully selected solid wood, the Tayste LS62-N resonates with warmth and depth, delivering a vibrant sound that captivates audiences. Whether you’re strumming gentle chords or unleashing powerful melodies, this guitar offers unparalleled tonal clarity and expression. Elevate your performances with solid wood construction’s natural beauty and acoustic brilliance.


Precision Engineering for Unmatched Playability


Designed with precision and attention to detail, the Tayste LS62-N ensures effortless playability and comfort for musicians of all skill levels. The smooth, satin-finished neck provides a sleek feel, allowing swift and fluid fret transitions. At the same time, the carefully contoured body shape enhances ergonomics and reduces fatigue during extended playing sessions. Unlock your full potential and explore new musical horizons with the effortless playability of the Tayste LS62-N.

Timeless Elegance and Unwavering Durability


Not just a musical instrument, the Tayste LS62-N is a work of art that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. From its meticulously crafted body to the intricate detailing on the fretboard, every aspect of this guitar showcases the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. Built to withstand the rigors of the road and the demands of professional performance, the Tayste LS62-N is a reliable companion that will inspire you to create music that stands the test of time.


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