41 inch High Grade Acoustic Guitar TS-210D

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Body:                            maple wood
Neck:                            Mahogany
Fretboard:                 Rosewood
Size:                              41 inch jumbo
Tuning Machines:   Die-cast
Finishing:                   High Gloss
Binding:                      ABS

Free Accessories


Soft Parachute Bag
1 Guitar Strap
6 pcs Extra strings Pack
3 Pcs Picks
6 pcs Extra bridge pins
3 Pcs Extra tuning keys
1 Aluminum Capo
1 Extra Pickguard
1 Ziko Cleaning Cloth



7 Years Of Body Lamination
2 Years Of body Joints


Crafted for Performance Excellence the 41-inch High-Grade Acoustic Guitar TS-210D

Guitar Wood Brand  present you the 41-inch High-Grade Acoustic Guitar TS-210D, meticulously crafted to exceed the expectations of discerning musicians. Let’s delve into what makes this guitar a must-have for players of all levels:

Premium Quality Craftsmanship for Superior Performance

Experience the epitome of craftsmanship with the 41-inch High-Grade Acoustic Guitar TS-210D. Each component is meticulously selected and assembled to ensure optimal performance and durability. From the solid construction to the intricate detailing, this guitar exudes quality and precision, empowering you to unleash your musical potential confidently.

Rich and Expressive Sound Quality

Immerse yourself in the rich and expressive tones produced by the 41-inch High-Grade Acoustic Guitar. Designed to resonate with clarity and depth, this instrument delivers a dynamic range of sound that brings your music to life. Whether strumming gentle chords or performing intricate solos, every note is infused with emotion and resonance, captivating audiences and inspiring creativity.

Enhanced Comfort and Playability for Seamless Performance

Enjoy hours of comfortable playing with the ergonomic design of the Acoustic Guitar TS-210D. The smooth fretboard and low action ensure effortless fretting. At the same time, the comfortable neck profile reduces strain and fatigue during extended practice sessions. Whether practicing at home or performing on stage, this guitar offers a seamless playing experience that lets you quickly focus on your music and express yourself.

Product Benefits:

  1. Exceptional Sound Quality: The TS-210D Acoustic Guitar delivers high-grade sound, ensuring every note is crisp, clear, and resonant for a captivating performance.
  2. Comfortable Playability: With its well-balanced design and smooth fretboard, this 41-inch guitar offers comfortable playability, making it ideal for extended practice sessions and live performances.
  3. Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this high-grade acoustic guitar showcases superior craftsmanship, guaranteeing a durable and reliable instrument.
  4. Elegant Appearance: The sleek design and glossy finish of the TS-210D add a touch of elegance to your musical ensemble, enhancing your stage presence and visual appeal.
  5. Versatile Performance: From gentle strumming to intricate fingerstyle techniques, this guitar adapts effortlessly to various playing styles and genres.

Product Features:


  • Product Specifications:
    • Size: 41 inches
    • Grade: High
    • Type: Acoustic
  • Key Features:
    • Exceptional sound quality for captivating performances
    • Comfortable playability for extended practice sessions
    • Premium craftsmanship ensures durability and reliability
    • Sleek design with glossy finish enhances visual appeal


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