Les Paul shape Electric Guitar USA-Custom Shop – Black

Original price was: Rs.90,000.00.Current price is: Rs.75,000.00.

Les Paul shape Electric Guitar USA Specs:

Body solid maple wood
Neck walnut wood
Size standard
Tuning Machines Metal Chromed
body High Grade glass coated
Strings Nickle plated anti rust coated
Trus rod in neck

Free Accessories

Soft Parachute Bag
1 Guitar Strap
ukulele Extra strings Pack
3 Pcs Picks
6 pcs Extra bridge pins
3 Pcs Extra tuning keys
1 Aluminum Capo


5 Years of body lamination


The Legendary Les Paul Shape Electric Guitar USA

Superior Craftsmanship for Unmatched Performance

Crafted in the heart of the USA, Guitar Wood Brand presents you the Les Paul shape electric guitar embodies the pinnacle of musical engineering. Meticulously constructed by seasoned artisans, each component is precision-molded to deliver unparalleled sound quality and playability. From the smooth contours of its body to the finely-tuned pickups, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless fusion of style and substance. Elevate your performances to new heights with an instrument that sets the standard for excellence.

Unrivaled Sound Dynamics for Expressive Performances

Experience the harmonious blend of power and precision with the  electric guitar USA. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, this guitar delivers a spectrum of tones that will captivate any audience. Whether you’re shredding on stage or recording in the studio, its versatile sound dynamics empower you to explore new musical horizons. From soulful blues to face-melting solos, unleash your creativity and leave a lasting impression with every chord.

Iconic Design, Timeless Elegance

Inspired by the iconic Les Paul shape, this electric guitar exudes timeless elegance and charisma. Its sleek curves and iconic silhouette make a bold statement on stage, while its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during extended playing sessions. Crafted with a blend of tradition and innovation, this instrument pays homage to its legendary predecessors while embracing modern advancements in guitar design. Elevate your stage presence with an instrument that combines vintage charm with contemporary flair. Order now and elevate your musical journey today and Buy the best products only on Guitar Wood Brand.

Electric Guitar USA Features:


  • Product Specifications:

    • Shape: Les Paul
    • Origin: USA
  • Key Features:

    • Meticulously crafted for optimal playability and comfort.
    • Delivers rich, warm tones and powerful leads.
    • Iconic design exudes quality and craftsmanship.


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