Diaddario XTAPB1152 XT Phosphor Bronze Coated Guitar Strings



  • Guitar Type: Acoustic Guitar
  • Number of Strings:6
  • Coated: Yes
  • Gauges:.011, .015, .022, .032, .042, .052
  • Core Material: High-carbon Steel
  • Winding Material: Phosphor Bronze
  • Winding Type: Round

DiAddario XTAPB1152 XT Phosphor Bronze Coated Guitar Strings


Guitar Wood Brand proudly presents you the DiAddario XTAPB1152 XT Phosphor Bronze Coated Guitar Strings are the perfect choice for guitarists seeking exceptional tone and durability. Elevate your music to new heights with these high-quality strings that offer a perfect blend of performance and reliability. Do you wish the strings on your acoustic guitar lasted longer? XT by DíAddario seeks to grant your wish. These acoustic guitar strings are made from DíAddarioís wildly popular phosphor bronze alloy and provide the durability of a coated string with the feel of a non-coated string. The secret is DíAddarioís ìfusion twistî technology and proprietary extended lifespan treatment that applies their thinnest and most durable coating to each string to prevent corrosion without interfering with their natural feel. XT strings provide a bold sound and incredible tuning stability that will last through multiple sweaty gigs. If you want your acoustic to sound better than ever before, try out XT by DíAddario.

Enhanced Performance and Resonance

Experience unparalleled sound quality with the phosphor bronze construction of DiAddario XTAPB1152 XT strings. The phosphor bronze material delivers a warm and rich tone with enhanced resonance, ensuring your music stands out with clarity and depth.

Long-lasting Durability and Protection

Say goodbye to frequent string changes with the durable coating of DiAddario XTAPB1152 XT strings. The phosphor bronze coating provides protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring your strings stay vibrant and responsive for longer periods, even under heavy playing.

Comfortable Playability and Smooth Feel

Enjoy hours of comfortable playing with the light gauge and smooth feel of DiAddario XTAPB1152 XT strings. Whether you’re strumming chords or picking intricate melodies, these strings offer a responsive touch and effortless playability, allowing you to express yourself freely through your music.

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  • Phosphor Bronze wrap provides a warm and mellow tone
  • Proprietary extended lifespan treatment prevents corrosion on every string
  • Natural tone and playability of uncoated strings
  • IFusion twistî technology improves tuning stability
  • High-carbon steel core wire resists breaking during bends and hard strumming

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